Castle tours

our guided tours at a glance:

The Castle Tour
The classic “Castle Tour” provides you with an impression of the most beautiful chambers in the castle. The tour concludes at the Canon´s Place, which impresses not only because of its heavy bronze canons, but also with its magnificent view.

The Master Tour
If you are looking for a more elaborate tour or if you are interested in a specific field (and can spare a little more time), we recommend our “Master Tour”. Please contact us for special advice.

Family Tour
“Give someone the cold shoulder.” With focus on medieval phrases, sayings and anecdotes not only our little guests learn many interesting facts from times long passed.

Museum education
– that sounds a bit primitive at first. But behind it, there are some quite exciting adventure tours especially for school classes and kindergarten groups. Ask about the museum educational offer at Braunfels Castle, we will be happy to inform you about the programs for different age groups.

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