Dear visitors and friends of Braunfels Castle and the Tiergarten,

We are happy that the castle is open again, although with some restrictions.

The » Princely Family Museum, which has a large number of interesting and unusual exhibits, can be visited from morning to evening
(without guide, price € 3 / person).

We also like to offer you a tour of the castle – with a limited number of participants and without the usual explanations.

However, we ask you to bring a mouth and nose protection with you and to wear it correctly and also not to touch anything in order to minimize the risk of infection.

also the » Tiergarten can now be visited again.

Please pay attention to the usual safety precautions – above all the safety distance of at least 1.5 m.

Thank you for your understanding

stay healthy.

Your castle team

PS: » here you can find some nice spring pictures.