Family Tours

For parents and children: special tours on special days

Naturally the variety of questions, desires and ideas of our small guests is the focus point of this tour. With childlike imagination, the visit to our castle becomes an adventure full of new impressions and insights. Many of our guests still remember this experience after years.

In the knight’s hall medieval armaments and weaponry are explored on felt slippers by our younger and older guests alike. On fair days the highest tower of the castle, the keep, offers visitors a fantastic view over the “Taunus” and “Westerwald” hills. In our courtly social rooms, a variety of exhibits are to be discovered: e.g. valuable porcelains, partly gilded pieces of furniture, of course paintings of princes and princesses, who lived in this castle a long time ago, and many other treasures.

Our “Family Tours” are available only on certain public holidays. For more information please call 0049 – 6442 – 5002, we kindly ask for advanced notification.

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