The zoo in Braunfels

About forty wild animals use to live in the former hunting ground.
Today you can go stalking with your camera in the approx. 55 hectares large picturesque areal.
With a bit of luck, you can see moufflons and fallow deer enjoying their portion of turnips.

The Tiergarten was established by Count Wilhelm Moritz of Solms-Braunfels in 1704. The authentic tavern » Forsthaus Tiergarten also dates back to this time. Today it´s a nice Café-Bistro – and a perfect place for celebrations.

The entrance to the park is next to the Forsthaus. Circular paths lead through the scenic park with its mature trees. With a little luck you will see fallow deer and mouflons; a jam pond offers kingfishers, dippers and goslings a habitat.

The Tiergarten is open daily, free admission

Navi note: Tiergartenstrasse. 26, 35619 Braunfels. Just drive up the Tiergartenstrasse, then follow the sign “Forsthaus Tiergarten” to the right.

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