The Tiergarten in Braunfels

A total of around forty fallow deer and mouflons live in the 55 hectare former hunting area that Count Wilhelm Moritz had created in 1704. The rustic “Forsthaus Tiergarten” also dates from this time. Today you can go hunting with your camera in the Braunfels Tiergarten and, with a bit of luck, experience the game up close.

However, our Tiergarten is not a zoo. It is a species-rich, natural habitat for animals and plants. Here you will not encounter any bars or gates, and therefore encounters with fallow deers, mouflons and other residents are always something special. It takes a practiced eye to discover the small and large wonders of creation in the forest and terrain.

But please don’t feed it!

Unfortunately, there will no longer be any wild boar to be seen in the future. Due to a large number of legal regulations, the authorities were forced to impose requirements for both the keeping and the necessary reduction in the number of sows, compliance with which would have been unreasonable from our point of view (and even more so from the point of view of the animals). Unfortunately we have to do without the wild boar.

The path leads along clearings, ponds, slopes, valleys and: ancient trees.
Enjoy the relaxing moments in nature.

The popular » Forsthaus Tiergarten with its beautifully renovated hall is a wonderful place for big parties – and of course also for smaller festivities. There is also a small, furnished apartment there. The pretty café-bistro with its cozy beer garden in front will hopefully open again soon.

The entrance to the Tiergarten is next to the forest house. Circular paths lead through the scenic park with its mature trees. With a little luck you will see fallow deer and mouflons; a jam pond offers kingfishers, dippers and goslings a habitat.

The Tiergarten is open daily, free admission

Navi note: Tiergartenstrasse 26, 35619 Braunfels. Just drive up the Tiergartenstrasse, then follow the sign “Forsthaus Tiergarten” to the right.

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