from stronghold to fabulous castle

First mentioned as castellum brunenvelsz in 1246, the former stronghold changed its appearance continuously over the centuries. In the 14th century, with the rise of firearms enhancing range, circular walls with defence towers and fortified ramparts were built.

In the following centuries ambitious builders perpetually enhanced their fortress. Following the fire of 1679, reconstruction took place under the supervision of Count Heinrich Trajektin.

At the turn from the 17th to 18th century, the fortress attained its baroque characteristics through Count » Wilhelm Moritz.

Starting 1845, Ferdinand the “Hunting Prince” had the castle rebuild in neo-gothic style on the well-kept foundation of the original castle and reconstructed the knight´s hall from historical records.

After the year 1880, Prince Georg gave the castle its unmistakable silhouette, with its many picturesque towers and oriels.

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