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welcome to Braunfels Castle!

It appears, as if it just emerged from a fairy tale, but it’s real: Towering on the crest of a basalt rock, Castle Braunfels greets visitors from afar with its castellated silhouette. This very much alive cultural monument has been in the hands of noble lineage for 800 years. Rich in unique artefacts, the castle is still inhabited by the family today.

The former stronghold was transformed throughout the centuries and continuously altered and extended. The eventful evolution from stronghold to castle, as well as the history of the princely family and the family ties into the whole of Europe and America, come alive in our guided tours.

A special delight are our cultural events staged against the backdrop of the courtyard and castle gardens, e.g. open-air operas.

Our program is marked by Christian family traditions and openheartedness towards all our guests from around the world. Open all around the year, we offer an unusually wide selection of guided tours and events, to spark interest in all age groups.

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