News - Welcome to Braunfels Castle

currently is there following opportunities, the castle to sightseeing:

» Dear visitors and friends of the castle and the Tiergarten in Braunfels,

Guided tours of the castle are offered (please refer » opening hours & prices),
however, the number of participants per tour is still limited. Wearing masks is recommended in the guided rooms. Thank you for your understanding.

The » Princely Family Museum, which has a large number of interesting and unusual exhibits,
can be visited from morning to evening twilight (without guide, price € 4 / person).


New audio guide

» Experience the Family Museum in a completely new way

In the future, the numerous halberds, rifles, seals, coins, medals and uniforms, clothes, glasses and chinaware will no longer have to speak for themselves. They get support from two sympathetic voices who tell their stories – in German, English and Spanish!


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