Welcome to Braunfels Castle!

Viewing opportunities for our visitors

Braunfels Castle can be discovered in different ways.

You can visit the Princely Family Museum without a guide, just as you please. It is a kind of treasury, which shows special collectibles and many personal utensils of individual family members.

Due to the current situation, we currently offer »Tours (i.e. visits with limited explanations indoors); they take place every hour (from 11 a.m., on Sundays and public holidays from 10 a.m.).

[Please click on the image and drag with the mouse to get the complete panoramic view.]

In addition, we (usually) offer a variety of »educational tours and» master tours on selected topics, Interactive guided tours for groups and also family tours that are specially tailored to our younger guests. The cultural events are also popular, e.g. the summer open-air opera evenings in the castle courtyard.

How about a fairytale trip?

We look forward to you!