“rose miracle” at the castle


The many of rain and some sunny May days have once again provided a small miracle: Almost like firecrackers (but a bit quieter), countless buds of red and pink roses are popping up. They adorn the castle walls at the Café, in the castle courtyard and in the romantic rose garden, transforming Braunfels Castle into a Sleeping Beauty castle.

Schloss Braunfels: Alternative Rosenzeit

The Countess takes care of the roses, and also the bushes and other plants, selects their locations, watches over their well-being together with the caretakers and occasionally likes to plant herself. Special measures are taken, as best they can, to defy the somewhat inhospitable conditions on the basalt cone on which the castle has stood since the 13th century.

Schloss Braunfels: Rosen Innenhof

After the wintertime, with the beginning of spring, it is always a matter of hoping and worrying whether the roses and other plants around the castle have survived the cold days without too many losses. What a joy when, again this spring, when the buds are developing into a real bloom.If you visit the castle now, you will have the opportunity during the guided tour to see, among other things, the climbing roses in the castle courtyard.

However, don´t wait too long, because the flowering phase is relatively short. However, with luck (and a sunny summer), for visitors who can’t make it in the coming weeks, there might be another chance to see the blooms over the next few months.

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